The EuroVolley 2019 organisers, France, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands, agreed with CEV that Nika Records (Warner Music Licensee in Slovenia) would be the EuroVolley 2019 Men Official Song partner and as such, it would produce the official song with an attractive video. The project started in September 2018 and during the next few months, something unforgettable was born!

Artists from all four organising countries cooperated in producing the official song. Therefore, the songwriter and lead singer Eva Pavli (who also wrote the lyrics) and the producer Žan Serčič come from Slovenia, with the project featuring artists coming from France - Jeremy Lior, and Belgium - Miss Angel, with the dance remix made by an artist from the Netherlands due to follow soon.

Let’s Go Together
by Eva Pavli feat. Miss Angel & Jeremy Lior

The EuroVolley Official Song ‘Let’s Go Together’ came out of a studio session in Ljubljana (Slovenia) in early May, when singers Eva Pavli, Miss Angel and Jeremy Lior joined forces and created something truly special. After completing the studio work, artists moved to the streets of Ljubljana, the old skate park and a gym, where they joined 24 dancers carrying the flags of the 24 countries participating in EuroVolley 2019 Men to record the official video, which also includes some of the best actions of recognised European Volleyball players from previous championships.

“We should be inspired by the great team work cooperation between the players on a Volleyball court. They hug in the middle of the court no matter if the point has been lost or won. Therefore, we should also be sharing the success of those around us. We should be happy when someone makes a good move or has a new idea and when our colleague fails, we should look them in the eye and be supportive. One for all and all for one.”

Eva Pavli


I am a fighter, it’s in my veins
I am a dreamer, breaking the chains
I am a warrior whose breaking out this place
when the world is burning up in flames
Our time is coming to save the world
Brothers and sisters around the globe
Let’s come together put your hands up in the air
You know how much love there is to share

Allons enfants du Monde
Le jour de gloire est arrivé
Entendez nos coeurs qui grondent
Aujourd’hui c’est à nous de jouer
Ensemble nous serons rassemblés dans l’unité
Notre hymne sur toutes les ondes
Aujourd’hui et à jamais

Allez allez allez

I am a true born winner, a hitter, no quitter,
Together we can make this world a little better,
No matter the weather as long as we can keep it together,
Now tell me who got the keys to the »bimma«?
No stress just go and flex
I need that trophy Miss Angel is next
You know what got the game
That trophy is mine, real number one, boss let's go.

Let’s go together, the time is now
marching like soldiers fighting for love
We are the nation with the power in our hands
when there’s love connecting us as friends.
Take your positions, it's time to start
embrace the freedom under the sun
We are the people with compassion in our heart
We are one for all and all for one.

Allez allez allez

In addition to breaking through into foreign radio stations, the song by the Slovenian author and singer Eva Pavli also made it to the top of the EuroVolley Official Playlist along with the most popular global hits, distributed by Warner across the Europe.

You can listen to the hottest playlist on all of your favourite streaming platforms HERE

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