All Star Team



For CEV EuroVolley 2023, we turn to you, the fans, to pick the all-star team.

The team will consist of one player per position in the starting lineup: Setter, Opposite, two Outside Hitters, two Middle Blockers, and Libero. You will have to pick the athlete who you thought made the most impact at EuroVolley among the four nominees.

The Engine Room

Everyone who has played the game will know that the ability to receive serve effectively is crucial to build a decent attack, and in most systems this is the responsibility of the Outside Hitters and the Libero players.  This coupled with the fact that the Outside Hitters are more than often the release option when attacking, means that they have the most touches of the ball (other than the Setter).  While the Libero is the player who often defines the character of the team, marshalling the backcourt area and controlling everything from a block defence point of view.

So with that in mind, who are your picks?

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