Finalising the 24

After 72 qualifier matches spread across August 2018 and January 2019, the final list of teams was eventually confirmed for CEV EuroVolley 2019 Men. With this prestigious event being the first one ever to have 24 teams, history was made by countries qualifying to the continents grandest stage for the very first time. 

The final team list is made up of the four hosting countries, along with 8 teams coming from the standing of the 2017 edition and those finishing in the top two in each qualification pool.

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Qualification Pools

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Qualification Results

Criteria used to determine positions
1st: Matches Won
2nd: Ranking Points (*Ranking points are awarded for the following results: 3-0 or 3-1: 3 points, 3-2: 2 points, 2-3: 1 point, 1-3 or 0-3: 0 points)
3rd: Match Sets Quotient/Ratio
4th: Match Points Quotient/Ratio
5th: ‘Head to Head’ Results