Italy beat Russia 3-1 in what many regarded as the ‘big match’ of the day in the EuroVolley quarterfinals to secure their ticket to the semis in Ankara and play titleholders Serbia on Saturday in the Turkish capital.

Indre Sorokaite (ITA)

There was a lot of pressure on Italy as the last time they made the semis of the continental showpiece event was a way back in 2011, when they finished fourth after securing back-to-back titles in 2007 and 2009. Indre Sorokaite was one of the main targets when the Russians went to serve but she was able to stand the challenge and to perform extremely well.

Indre returned the favour, so to speak, with her mighty serves – she has recorded the fastest serve in Pool B – and some huge blocks, which were highly instrumental to Italy’s 3-1 victory. “The serve is the only action in Volleyball that is completely up to you and requires a lot of individual training,” she said. She served a terrific ace towards the end of the second set and together with Paola Egonu, she helped Italy make the semis and go for a repeat of the 2018 World Championship gold medal match with Serbia.