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Pools set for #EuroVolleyM 2021!


Article Thu, May 27 2021

A TV show organised in a state-of-the-art studio owned and run by Finland’s national public broadcasting company YLE provided the ideal stage for the Drawing of Lots involving the 24 teams due to contest the 2021 edition of CEV EuroVolley Men. The marquee competition for men’s national teams will get underway on September 1 with matches held across four countries – Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia and Finland – and the eventual gold medal winners emerging at the end of the final weekend in Katowice on September 19, 2021.

The continental championship will be taking place for a second time in history across as many as four countries – with participation of the top 24 teams in Europe. Their campaign will start with the pool phase, with each team playing five matches in their respective group according to the results of Thursday’s DOL:

CEV EuroVolley 2021 Men will involve as many as six host cities in four nations – with the organisers hoping to repeat the terrific success achieved by those – France, Slovenia, Belgium and the Netherlands – that played host to a 2019 edition that literally broke new ground for international Volleyball.

CEV President Aleksandar Boričić echoed these feelings in his address to the many fans following the DOL from afar:

“I would like to thank the four organisers for showing their readiness to host this year’s EuroVolley. Back in 2019, we enjoyed a truly amazing experience with the first tournament co-hosted by four nations, but we wish for Volleyball to continue to evolve and improve itself. I am confident that with the help of the four National Federations and their respective partners and authorities, as well as of our great athletes, we will make EuroVolley 2021 an experience to remember for years to come.”

The four host countries can all rely on truly passionate and knowledgeable fans – who will be hoping for the pandemic to subside in the coming months so that as many as possible can root for their favourite players as they compete for continental honours with home-court advantage as an additional benefit.

The anticipation will mount throughout the summer, also with the help of the EuroVolley Ambassadors involved in the promotion of the event in their respective home countries as well as through the CEV’s digital channels. Two of Finland’s Volleyball heroes, Lauri Kerminen and Eemi Tervaportti, attended the DOL in Helsinki and shared their feelings right on the stage, and one could easily sense that they obviously look forward to their Pool C matches in Tampere.

“To me it looks like Pool A may be the most challenging one given the quality of the teams drawn into that group. As for our team, we know that it is going to be a tough journey but we feel ready to fight to achieve the best possible result in this competition.”

Eemi Tervaportti
Setter of Team Finland
The CEV President portrayed together with representatives of the four host countries and Jury President Renato Arena

The tournament will feature all of the top teams in European Volleyball, with newcomers Montenegro and North Macedonia celebrating their second straight appearance in the competition after making history for their countries back in 2019. Latvia, on the other hand, return to the continental stage after a very long break, with their only appearance dating back to the 1995 edition where they finished eleventh.

*The detailed competition programme for the pool stage of the championship will follow in due course.