The Dutch Volleyball Federation (Nevobo) have taken some extraordinary measures to ensure a full crowd this coming Saturday in Apeldoorn for the EuroVolley 8th Final match of their men’s team. Throughout most of the local, regional and national competitions, teams have the opportunity to postpone and / or reschedule their matches in order to attend the fixture in Omnisport. It is the second time Nevobo have called for ‘Code Orange’.

Following the pattern set by certain weather predictions known as ‘code yellow’ and ‘code red’, the Volleyball ‘Code Orange’ started in 2015, when the Dutch national women’s team played the semi-final of EuroVolley in Rotterdam. The result then was a win over Turkey and the first of two final spots – and silver medals – in a row for the ‘Volleybaldames’.

Many people play Volleyball on Saturdays in the Netherlands. With the local, regional and national competitions starting this weekend, many players would have to play themselves in the afternoon. With this ‘Code Orange’, teams can postpone and / or reschedule their match without consent of their opponent. All of this to make sure the ‘Lange Mannen’ will play for the largest possible Orange crowd.

The Netherlands will face off against Germany in Apeldoorn at 16:00 on Saturday, September 21st.